Colorado Springs Real Estate Investor Association 

NOTE: Location and Frequency changed since this video was created. Note the details below.

Colorado Springs Real Estate Investor Association is here! Join Colin Smith and Dan Haberkost at Pikes Perk Coffee on N Academy on the 1st of every month at 6:30 PM. 

Here is what to expect:

Dates: 1st Tuesday of Every Month

Start Time: 6:30 PM

Location: Pikes Perk Coffee & Tea House on N Academy

Cost: Please purchase a coffee, tea, beer, wine, or grab some food from Pikes Perk Coffee on your way in. 

Meet The Hosts:

Colin Smith - Investing since 2012 and licensed Realtor since 2014. My niche as a Realtor has been working with Investors in the buy, sell, and management of their investments. I've flipped homes, own and professionally manage rental properties, and been a hard money lender. My goal is to find deals and match them with investors who are ready to jump on the opportunity, problem solve real estate deals, and grow a portfolio. I personally feel the buy and hold strategy is the ultimate wealth building tool. I personally own 45 residential doors and / or mobile home pads plus a commercial building across the Colorado Springs area working towards building financial independence.

Dan Haberkost – I discovered real estate investing while I was finishing college and purchased my first house hack before graduating. Currently, I work for myself managing my portfolio of rental properties, developing single family/small multi family homes and buying/selling land on notes. It's amazing how quickly I've been able to create complete freedom over my time through RE investing and I'm happy to help others do the same any way I can!

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • 4 Basic Avenues of Real Estate Investing
  • Flipping Houses
  • Wholesaling & Whole-Taling
  • Finding Deals
  • Buy & Hold / Rental Properties
  • Managing Rental Properties
  • AirBnB's
  • Building Your Team
  • Working With Realtors - What You Deserve and What You Don't
  • Creative Financing and No Money Down Investing
  • Lenders and Title Companies 
  • Flipping Homes from a Distance
  • Buyer Beware - What to Watch Out For
  • Buying Notes and Hard Money Lending 
  • Real Estate Investing Vs Stock Market
  • Deal Syndication 
  • Goals Setting
  • Taxes
  • Bookkeeping Your Real Estate Business
  • Q&A - Panel of Investors in the Game
  • Business Structures – LLC, S-Corp’s, and Asset Protection
  • Protecting Yourself in Real Estate
  • Buying Land at 20¢ on the $ and Selling Retail Via Land Contract